Whites Raised Beds

Raised beds? What's all the fuss about ? Why would you want one ? To answer these questions we need to look at how "traditional" gardening is done and the disadvantages it brings.

"Traditional" gardening basically takes place at ground level and has been done this way for a long time. This style of gardening requires the gardener to indulge in work which can, thanks to the inevitable posture which has to be adopted, be back breaking. Tasks like weeding, sowing and digging become major work. Add to that the "interesting" things that can lurk in the soil of gardens, i.e. building rubble and so on, and the job becomes harder still.

Raised beds radically change the way you garden. Firstly, and possibly most importantly, you are no longer bent over because the soil has been brought up to a reasonable working height (30 inches or 75cm). This means that disabled people can enjoy and look after their garden relatively easily. Then there is the soil in the bed, it is rubble free and very easy to work. There are other major improvements on offer as well:
  • default_titleImproved drainage
  • default_titleLess disease
  • default_titleEasier irrigation
  • default_titleHigher yields
  • default_titleCreates perfect soil conditions
  • default_titleNo heavy digging
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  • default_titleExtends the growing season
  • default_titleWeed control without chemicals
  • default_titlePest control without chemicals
  • default_titleGrow anywhere
  • default_titleAll weather gardening
  • default_titleIdeal for disabled people
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As you can see the raised bed method of gardening brings some very real useful benefits to gardeners of all ages and capabilities. The ability to grow your own vegetables (or flowers) on almost any reasonably flat surface with very little effort, especially when compared to the "traditional" style of gardening, makes this a very sensible option to consider. We believe that our patented raised bed system, which is unique in its design and construction, not only looks good but maximises all of the benefits we have mentioned.

Still not convinced ?

Have a look at how we design and make our product, the possibilities of shapes you can build and then look at our photo's which show just how productive raised beds can be. If you would like to discuss how our raised beds could work for you then telephone us (01384 442190) or send us an email.
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If you think that our raised bed product is the right investment for you
then please contact us either by telephone (01384 442190) or send us an email.