Whites Raised Beds

We are often asked how you go about assembling one of our raised beds. Is it a complex and time consuming process ? Are there many components to put together ? What tools will you need ?

The image below is a parts breakdown for a 2400mm (8ft) x 1200mm (4ft) x 750mm (30") bed.
You can see from the image that there are just 16 large components. This is what would be delivered to you.

If we disassemble the Galvanised steel towers we generate 16 parts which stack together to make the 4 Galvanised steel corner towers.

You build this bed from a total of 28 components. Thats it. No more. No less. Just 28 parts which slot together beautifully.

There are no screws, no nails, no bolts and there is absolutely no need to use a drill, a chainsaw or any other power tools.

All you need is two reasonably able bodied people and a little spare time.

On a prepared flat(ish) surface this bed can be built in less than 30 minutes (filling the bed will take a little longer).

We designed it to be this way so you can get on with the important business of growing plants as quickly and as easily as possible.

If you think that our raised bed product is the right investment for you
then please contact us either by telephone (01384 442190) or send us an email.