Whites Raised Beds

In the old days, before the 1890's, when you submitted an idea to the Patent Office you were obliged to include a 1/12th scale working model to prove your idea was viable. These days you only have to submit drawings but we feel that the old way of doing things had a lot going for it. For one thing you could not patent things which may have worked on paper but once built failed miserably. With that in mind we decided to build a scale model of our raised beds.

Deciding on the actual scale was driven by the need to be able to use the model as a demonstration piece in front of potential customers (architects, landscape gardeners, town planners, garden centre management and so on). After much deliberation we decided to go with a one fifth(1/5th) scale model.

We used exactly the same materials; COR-TEN and Galvanised steel for the metal sections and Larch for the timbers. Manufacturing such small metal components certainly proved challenging but as you will see below we achieved our goal.
  • A Sense of Scale
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Tab 1
You can see just how small our 1/5th scale model raised bed is compared to the real thing. In terms of weight and volume it is only 1/125th of the real thing whilst the available surface area is a mere 1/25th of the real thing. Despite its diminutive size the model raised bed is manufactured and assembled exactly like the real thing.
Tab 2
Below is a selection of photographs which we took while we were building various model raised bed layouts.

In this set of pictures which you are looking at the COR-TEN steelwork has "aged" and developed the patina you can see. This is not rust. It is a protective layer the steel forms naturally. In this way it requires no maintenance and has a very long working life (approximately 400 years in the full size version).

To see the larger image simply click on any of the small photos.
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Tab 3
This is a short movie (1min 31sec) which shows how you build a 1200mm (4ft) x 1200mm (4ft) x 750mm (30") raised bed with COR-TEN steel corner sections. The difference is, of course, that here we are building the raised bed using our 1/5th scale model parts. We hope you enjoy this short but instructional presentation.

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