Whites Raised Beds

Why buy our raised beds ?

We realise that there are many excellent raised bed products available today. They come in many different sizes. The way these raised beds are put together and the materials they are made from varies greatly.We know because we looked at them all. Having looked at the available raised bed products we realised that none of them did exactly what we wanted. The solution: design and build our own and along the way we decided we make a product that was better than the rest.
We wanted to produce a raised bed system that was easy to put together, durable and at the same time would look elegant in any setting, whether in your garden or as part of a commercial development.

The staff at Whites Raised Beds are somewhat obsessed with design and detail. We spent 18 months developing the system from prototype to a final production version. We are very proud of the fact that all of our materials are sourced in the UK and the manufacturing is done within 10 miles of our offices.

On our How its made page you can read all about the design and materials which makes this patented product unique. There is simply no other product like this on the market.

We offer a complete service, from helping you with the design of your raised bed layout to delivery and installation.
Here are just a few reasons why our raised beds are probably the best way to garden:
  • default_titleAn attractive and functional product
  • default_titleVisually interesting and elegant
  • default_titleTimber from sustainable sources
  • default_title100% chemical free timber
  • default_titleDurable and recyclable
  • default_titleComponents are designed to be reusable
  • default_titleYour layout can be altered or added to later
  • default_titleDesign is robust and stable
  • default_titleHigh quality materials throughout
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  • default_titleIdeal for wheelchair users
  • default_titleIdeal for people with restricted mobility
  • default_titleIdeal for reducing wear and tear on the body
  • default_titleAn investment in a healthier lifestyle
  • default_titleReclaim some control over what you eat
  • default_titleEasy and quick to assemble
  • default_titlePatented system means no cutting or fixings
  • default_titleCan be erected on any reasonably flat surface
  • default_titleGreat for introducing children to gardening
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If you think that our raised bed product is the right investment for you
then please contact us either by telephone (01384 442190) or send us an email.