Whites Raised Beds

Whites Raised Beds are obsessed with design and quality. Form follows function. We do not compromise anywhere. Below you can find some information about how and why the product was designed and the materials we use in order to make our raised beds the best they can be. If you would like more information about us and our product please telephone (01384 442190) or send us an email.
Why ? 
4ft x 4ft 30" high raised bed with COR-TEN corners
We live in a world where we seem to be less and less in control of our lives. It is true the in most cases our destiny is largely controlled by the actions of others. Our lives seem to be ever more and more stressful. Our finances are put under pressure. There must be a way to cope with this madness. According to the experts there are apparently three ways to do this; you can go for a walk, get yourself a pet and take up gardening. Enter the raised garden bed…

Not only do you get to unwind and relax outdoors but you also help your financial situation by growing things you can eat. Gardening is an activity which can involve people of all ages and abilities. You only have to look at the popularity of allotments to see what a vibrant social community they become. Our beds can be built on any almost flat surface, ours are on concrete for example. This means that our raised beds can be built almost anywhere; urban allotments become a reality.

Of course an additional bonus is that you know precisely how your produce has been grown. This is a far cry from the vegetables and fruit we buy from commercial producers, where you have no idea what the produce has been sprayed and fed with.

We are not what you would call expert gardeners but we have managed to grow a vast selection of produce in our beds (as the photo section shows). The process of selecting what to grow, planting it, looking after it and then eating it has been educational and most rewarding. Whether or not you buy one of our raised beds, you should try to grow your own food one way or another. It really is worth it.
Components & Materials 
Our raised beds use basic materials in their construction. We use high quality wood and a choice of two different kinds of steel, both of high quality but differing in appearance. You can view the details of each material below.
  • Wood
  • Galvanised
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English Larch is possibly the hardiest, most durable of domestic softwoods. Our timbers are completely untreated because their super high resin content acts as natures own highly effective preservative.

Larch has a striking appearance with colour variations from cream to pink to bronze and sometimes all three in the same piece of timber. As with all untreated timber it will become silvery grey over time with the bleaching effect of the sun. The photo on the left shows the contrast between new timber (at the top) and the aged timber (below).

A superb timber that will last and last and is perfect for all those sensitive applications such as children's play areas, ponds, public spaces and raised vegetable beds! Our timber is planed with an attractive bevelled edge. Smooth to the touch, no splinters and beautiful to look at!

We believe that by using Larch were are complying with the two main goals of environmentally sensible gardening; to use untreated timber and that the timber is from a sustainable source.
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COR-TEN Steel is an extremely durable maintenance free product which has a natural rustic finish complementing the timber in our raised beds perfectly.

The colour of the steelwork ranges from a deep orange to a rich plum that develops (and improves!) over time.

You should never confuse the appearance of COR-TEN with rust! COR-TEN cannot and does not rust. This is evident when you run your hand over the surface. It is smooth, there are no flakes falling off and no orange/brown residue is left on your skin.

The working life of COR-TEN steel is determined by the amount of material (steel) that is lost through natural erosion. Typically this is approximately 1mm every 197 years. Our components are 3mm thick. This equates to a working life of around 600 years. Whilst we appreciate you may think this a little ridiculous, it does reflect on the engineering and quality we invest into our products.
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The process of hot dip galvanising adds a thin layer of zinc to the steel component. This provides protection for the steel from the elements and against rust.

The durability of a galvanised steel component is, to a certain extent, determined by the local air quality. On average we would expect our components, made from 3mm steel, to last for 25 years. Obviously if you fill the bed with peat, which is very acidic, it will affect the lifespan of the zinc coating.

The appearance of galvanised steel is initially slightly shiny but within a matter of weeks this will change to a matt grey contemporary finish.
Manufacturing & Quality Control 
Whites Raised Beds badge
We are very proud to be able to say that all of our steel components are manufactured within 10 miles of our offices in Amblecote. We are also very proud of the fact that we source all of our steel from the United Kingdom.

When the steel sections come back to us from manufacture they are individually inspected and hand finished before being put into stock. This process may consume a large amount of man hours but we believe that it is this attention to detail that makes our raised bed product as good as it is.

Before any order is sent out we ensure that all the steel components stack nicely on top of each other. This speeds up build time considerably.

Our Larch timber comes from the United Kingdom, usually Cornwall. We buy in large loads of minimise the number of miles the timber has to come. In this way we keep our carbon footprint as low as we can. We plane and and then shape the edges of the timber to ensure there are no splinters and it fits our steelwork. Our beds are often used in schools and public places so they must be smooth to the touch and not pose a splinter risk.

We think we may be a little obsessed with attention to detail and quality but surely this is not a bad thing? Our way of thinking and working extends throughout the entire product, right down to the badge which is fixed to the top of one steel corner section. We could have taken the easy route of having a self adhesive badge printed on thin metal foil but that would go completely against our company ethos. In reality our badge is as well made and durable as the rest of the product. It is constructed of quality components throughout. It proudly displays out company details along with the serial number of the raised bed.

We simply do not compromise. Quality is everything. We make and sell a patented premium product without equal in the marketplace.